Meet the team

DHL Express Virtual wants what’s best for everyone inside and outside of the VA. With that being said, you can meet our wonderful staff team and it’s members below that help keep us running smoothly.


Executive Council Administrator


Responsible for managing and keeping the VA running smoothly

Skye Davis

Chief Executive Officer (DHL 001)


Hello! I’m Skye, the COO of DHLV. I’m from Florida, USA and I love Aviation, and anything related to technology. My dream is to become a commercial pilot, for American, or JetBlue.

Rob Shore

Chief Relations Officer (DHL 003)


Hi I’m Rob, and I’m from the United Kingdom! I’ve worked within the aviation industry for about 16 years now as ground crew (Ramp) at EGNX for 12 years now I work on cargo.

Andrew Calvin

Chief Information Officer (DHL 004)


Hello people of DHLV and others! I’m Andrew C and I’m the PIREP Supervisor here at DHLV. I’m 13 years old, in 8th grade and I play trumpet for band. I have always loved aviation in one way or another.

Hayden T.

Events Director (DHL 005)


Hello I’m Hayden, an ordinary guy that plays Infinite Flight. I make events whenever I feel bored because I love typing in my keyboard. I am the Events Supervisor for DHLV and I also have an Instagram

Albatross Prince

Programs Director


Responsible for managing all programs within the VA.

Jason M

CC Manager


Manages the CC