About Us

Greetings IFC users! DHL Express Virtual is a unique Virtual Airline approved by the IFVARB that offers more than 120,000 routes in the real world. We only have about 200 routes currently, but routes are constantly being added so we should have plenty more routes as time goes on. Our fleet consists of over 250+ different types of aircraft and we fly all over the world! To see what aircraft we have currently on Infinite Flight, you can view our fleet page on our website or here on the thread. Since our approval on November 10th, 2021 we have been striving to make DHL Express Virtual the best experience for our pilots, staff, and future applicants.

DHL Express Virtual uses Discord as it’s communication platform as its easy to use and well known by a majority of people. In our Discord server, our pilots and staff members can connect with each other for event gatherings and more!

We are always looking for Incredible Infinite Flight pilots dedicated to developing this VA together. If you meet our requirements, click the apply button below to register!

Are you looking for a new career in cargo?