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Welcome To DHL Express Virtual.


Since our approval on November 10th, 2021 we have been striving to make DHL Express Virtual the best experience for our pilots, staff, and future applicants. We hop to see you thrive and delivering excellence with us in the future.

Hello there pilot, DHL Express Virtual is a unique Virtual Airline approved by the IFVARB that offers more than 400 routes and new ones are being discovered and added frequently. Our fleet consists of more than 7 different types of aircraft and we fly all over the world! To see what aircraft we have currently on Infinite Flight, you can view our fleet page on our website or here on the thread.

Here at DHL Virtual we pride ourselves in flying the worlds cargo to where they need to be so that everyone gets their packages all safe and sound and on time. Step into the cockpit and instantly be welcomed into our family.

A message from Our CEO - AviationChampion

Greetings, I’m AviationChampion! If you haven’t seen or heard of me before, please check out my biography section on my user profile. Others have attempted to create DHL Express Virtual but have not been successful. And with that, I was glad to build a challenging VA. I hope to see you guys in the VA. If you’re interested in becoming a pilot, click the apply button. For questions or interests in becoming a staff member, don’t hesitate to apply for any open position listed on the IFVARB website

See you in the big blue sky!

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